Wednesday, April 25, 2007


picks, originally uploaded by lesismore.

oil on glued canvas-SOLD


Bryan said...

I purchased your original Picks piece as a special gift to a friend, and I'm curiuos about the background of what inspired this piece, the significance of what appears to be stones and even the name, Picks.
-Bryan Miller

les said...

bryan, i tried to access your blog but it wouldn't let me in so if you check this again here is the answer to your question.

the painting is something i did in college, it was somewhat of an experiment-it's acutally four "seperate" paintings on canvas glued to wood board (if you notice the lines.)

i paint mostly in abstracts so it's probably hard to tell that yes, those are guitar picks. i play guitar and had quite a collection at one point. upon spilling them, i noticed their different shapes and colors and came up with the idea for the painting.

but if you want them to be stones, they can be that instead! :D thanks for your donation to REACH through the purchase of my painting!